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Nordic Calista is a local hub of innovation and sustainability. Our purpose-built rigs and adaptable habitation units enable us to tackle the challenges of extreme Arctic weather conditions.

With a focus on efficiency and environmental protection, our experienced professionals consistently deliver successful projects. Join us in redefining the future of the oil and gas industry.
Arctic Rigs
Arctic Habitation
Workforce Solutions
Experience Purpose Driven Performance with Nordic-Calista’s Arctic Rigs
Nordic-Calista offers four purpose built, self-propelled rigs with unique features to meet the challenges of extreme Arctic weather conditions. Each rig has been designed to integrate environmental protection, safety, efficiency, and operated by our experienced staff.
Nordic-Calista's Mobile Arctic Habitation Units
Nordic-Calista offers a fleet of five mobile Arctic Habitation Units designed for adaptability and efficiency. These units provide comfort, safety, and support for standalone projects such as ice road construction and exploration, turning remote sites into dynamic work environments.
Leading the Way in Drilling Workforce Solutions with Nordic-Calista
Nordic-Calista is an experienced and dependable strategic partner in the oil and gas industry. With over 80% Alaskan resident staff, we offer quick, local mobilization and a range of experienced personnel. Our mission is to lead the way in delivering the talent needed to complete your projects efficiently.