Nordic-Calista Management

Comprehensive Management Systems Solutions. Nordic Calista’s Approach to Streamlined Operations

Our People

At Nordic-Calista, we provide top-tier oilfield services in Alaska, prioritizing safety, environmental protection, and performance excellence.

Our proactive measures ensure employee well-being and prevent incidents while minimizing our impact on the delicate Arctic ecosystem. Through continuous improvement, we optimize drilling and rig equipment performance using data analysis and predictive maintenance systems, consistently delivering quality-focused results that exceed expectations.
Safety & Training
Environmental Protection
Performance Tracking
Quality Management
Committed to Safety & Training Excellence at Nordic-Calista
Nordic-Calista takes an uncompromising stand on occupational health, safety, and environmental protection. We implement proactive measures to prevent injuries, accidents, or property damage, follow advanced practices to train employees, maintain emergency protocols, and ensure compliance with all government rules and regulations.
Environmental Protection
Nordic-Calista understands the fragility of the Arctic environment, and meets all requirements for environmental protection. We focus on reducing energy consumption, natural resource use, waste handling, and exposure to hazardous materials.
Performance Tracking & Continuous Improvement
The Nordic-Calista continuous improvement program focuses on capture of real-time data, a Plan-Do-Check-Act Process, and predictive maintenance systems. We monitor and analyze drilling and rig equipment in real time to improve overall performance and maintenance efficiency.
Quality Management at the Heart of Arctic Drilling
The Nordic-Calista Quality Management System (QMS) is guided by seven principles focused on customer satisfaction, leadership, engagement, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and relationship management. These principles shape our approach to delivering quality-focused results.